Second day and some like it hot it seems

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 23 Nov 2010 22:37
24:28.07N 16:48.9W
Good morning everyone out there in Internet land. This is mine (Nick's) first blog, and apologies for near inevitable references that'll creep in - this is me after all. To cut a long story short (too late) we begin.
Also; I realised this morning I'm dressed like L at the moment. Only I can't adopt his posture for a second without falling backwards - still an amusing thought for some of you (and it is suprisingly cool today - it was very warm all yesterday, but after wrapping up warm for last night's watch I haven't felt sufficiently uncomfortable enough to ditch the long-sleeves. Also my hair is in a braid, which sounds decidedly un-L like, so I'm possibly more of a cross between him and China. Or maybe Ranma if that made no sense. Also Keitaro. With long hair. I don't think this makes sense anymore.
Sleeping on the boat is both odd and familiar for some reason; inside it's not entirely dissimilar to being on a train. Sleeping in four hour blocks on the other hand will definitely take some getting used to. And for the curious; I do slightly unexpectedly have a source of my preferred caffeinated beverage... at least for now.
Despite my expectations, there has been a fair amount of see so far. Well, other boats which we have to keep checking on to make sure that we don't wind up at exactly the same co-ordinates as they do. Oh, and dolphins. It's one of those cliches; seeing dolphins in the wild was a strangely fascinating experience - not that it started well as I noticed a grey shape coming up out of the depths - and there are so many Lovecraftian possibilities for that description. Fortunately it was in fact dolphins; I think we saw 5 total, and they swam quite happily around the boat and making the occasional jump (we have no hoop and none of them whistled so we're fairly sure they're not leaving the planet just yet). Dolphins also turn out to be somewhat frustrating to photograph and we may well only have patches of water that did until a few millionths of a second ago contain an actual dolphin. We've got some quite nice shots of water that did in fact formerly contain dolphins - which might be deemed sufficient.
Touching on the Lovecraftian aquatic monstrosities; our depth reading when it can no longer figure out the depth of the ocean will display the last known depth and a legend "Last". You'd think the number would be fairly high, but slightly disquietingly it keeps shifting up and down, so our last known depth looks a fairly rubbish 3.0 meters at the moment. On the other hand this does not preclude the possibility that we were inf act three meters above Cthulhu, Dagon or Mother Hydra's heads (it's not Azathoth. At least I don't think it is. He rarely lurks in oceans.
Our experiments with fishing have proven unsuccessful to date; or rather not as successful as we'd like; we've had two bites - this we're certain of, but the end result of both attempts has resulting in a severed line and the loss of the lure. Consensus is that we may well have caught something, but something larger then consumed it. (Cthulhu is in the Pacific not the Atlanctic right?).
Some minor panic this morning saw us all raised from slumber to bring the Parasail in 21 knots of wind, making the boat difficult to control. We then changed back to the more traditional sails and have remained on them since. Hope everyone's well, and I think everyone knows how to get in touch with any of us if they need to (or want to).
Tune in next week for the rather more thrilling Andromeda vs The World Crime League.
S/V Andromeda
P.S. We have had some technical challenges so are a little off the fleet at present......