Starlight Express

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 23 Jun 2014 14:19
N37:44:283 W25:39:880
We arrived in Ponta Delgarda, San Miguel, at 11am this morning after a terrific motor sail from Horta.  We had a little wind but not enough to keep us goiing with out the engine on but in a combination of power we were able to truck along quite nicely indeed and so covered the 150.89 miles dock to dock in 14 hours, a very respectable time for us.
For anyone reading this on our blog you will notice we have now closed the circle of flags from our last visit here....yabba dabba doo.
Most of the way the water was pretty flat too and it made for excellent dolphin spotting opportunities and we saw no less that 10 different pods of dolphins yesterday afternoon with about half of them coming along side to enjoy our bow wave.  The water was so incredibly clear it was very easy to see them swim up to Andromeda, enjoy the wave and then shoot infront of her to come up for a breath of air.
There were many small jelly fish in the water too and one portuguese man of war. We also spotted a loggerhead turtle swimming by, quite unconcerned about us being in the vicinity. There were many Cory's Shearwaters about and then just before dark we saw a bigger dolphin ahead which we think was a Risso's dolphin, much bigger that the others but not as big as the whales the other day.
It got a bit cold as night fell so we wrapped up warm for our watches enjoying the beautiful night sky with its myriad stars shining and the milky way gleaming, very late in the night the moon rose, a wonderfully huge crescent hanging in the sky and then at about 3ish we could see the first lights of San Miguel.
The sun was shining, the wind was warm as was our welcome in the marina office in Ponta Delgarda, welcome back, we remember you, has it really been 4 years ? After taking care of the formalities and fuelling up we were able to choose whichever berth we liked on E pontoon and a fellow cruiser even came and took our lines for us as we docked in E46.
So here we are, we have been to check out that the shower facilities are as good as we remembered them and they are even better, its now time for a snooze before deciding on what to eat tonight, then tomorrow the few jobs we have to to will be started and we can renew our aquaintance with this lovely place over the next week.
More in due course
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda of Plymouth
Ponta Delgarda
Sao Miguel