Trini Update

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 20 Jun 2013 17:53

Trinidad update......


Our trip from Grenada to Trinidad was not too bad given the wind and wave conditions. We slowed down half way across as we encountered the main current from the Atlantic at about 1.5 – 2.0 knots to the North West (not good for this trip), but once past the Hibiscus Gas Platform, we soon resumed a good pace. The earlier part of the trip saw us achieving 7.5 knots, which for us is pretty remarkable. At this point we do need to pass on our sympathies for “Uisge Beatha”, a 3 year old 70 foot yacht anchored behind us in Prickly Bay, Grenada, which last week caught fire and will be sunk off Grenada as it’s a total loss. All aboard are ok, but the fire, which started at 4:30am, was disastrous – pictures are on Facebook(Grenade Cruisers) and the YBW Forums.


We arrived off Crews Inn at around 8:45 am, which was fine by us. This will be Andromeda’s home for the next 6 months or so. Even though this was the start of a four day holiday, which we didn’t know, quite a few other boats arrived after us, but we were quicker to the officials! So safely tied up we could, think about planning the work we wanted to be done. But this had to wait for the holiday to complete and a round of Mexican Train Domino’s – yes we’re back in the groove.


Once the holiday was over we could start getting things organised, but not until Susan was asked to handle the Saturday Cruisers Net and Andrew was once again the weatherman for three days a week. The major work we wanted to get done during this visit to Trinidad includes:-


1 – Batteries (Service) sorted/replaced

2 – Cockpit canopy re-water proofed

3 – Cockpit cushions recovered as they’ve faded quite a bit

4 – Saloon Cushions re-upholstered as they are now quite old and fading

5 – Fore and Aft deck covers to protect the deck when we are not on-board

6 – Wind speed and direction indicator and SSB power/tuning faults resolved


Getting these sorted would make the trip back to Europe next year that much better. So these are all moving ahead at Trinidad “Maybe Time” – but we’ll stay on top of the work. Trinidad has a lot of public holidays, more than most of Europe, which can slow things down quite a bit! There are lots of other things to be sorted, but we hope these can be worked around the larger activities. We do, however, now have air-conditioning – luverly!


Since we’ve been here we’ve caught up with fellow OCC members, Ken and Judith on Badgers Sett and Marilyn and Martin on Rocking Horse, who we met here last year and in Antigua earlier this year, friends Phil and Corel on Tihani Lee, who we raced with on Wings in Antigua during Race Week earlier this year, and Lee and Sharon from Allegro – Sharon and Susan can be found bobbing around the pool most mornings at 7am doing water aerobics with noodles! In addition at Mexican Train Domino’s, which Andrew won on the first Sunday after we arrived, we have caught up with Monica - Miss Molly, Liz and Richard - Moloko, Erica - Abraxas, Wade and Diane - Joana, Diane - Jabulani, and Ian - Layla – small world.


It is, however, quite quiet here at the moment as a number of boats are still in Grenada or on the way down as different insurance companies have different time frames concerning the hurricane season. The weather has not been particularly good for the trip down from Grenada and indeed the other Windward Islands, but next month or so will see many other yachts, particularly British and American, arriving for the hurricane season.  We have had one “named storm” so far in what is forecast to be a busy and active hurricane season. Susan is also busy with an afternoon line dancing session an hour or so – busy, busy, busy..........


And of course there are the various bits of shopping to do. Susan takes the maxi taxi, organised by Jesse James once a week, to go to one of the bigger supermarkets and then to a lovely deli on the way back and she has managed one trip into Port of Spain so far to look at fabric. She and her lady friends had a wonderful time wandering around the stores in search of the ‘right’ fabric. Andrew is being dragged along shortly to help make a couple of decisions and carry the purchases of course, 12yds (yes they are still imperial here) of two lots of fabric for the cockpit and the saloon will be quite heavy – and then there is the lycra for the swim suits......they have got some gorgeous new designs in stock.


Between all this we have a little bit of time for socialising too. Last Wednesday (12th) there was a monthly cocktail party put on by the marina for the guests here and we had a lovely evening drinking rum punch and enjoying the food they provided and catching up with news.  Then on Thursday it was the weekly potluck barbeque where you bring something for the grill and a dish to share, there were only three couples there last week but again we had a good time. Saturday evening we had sundowners by the pool with the folks from Allegro and Tihani Li and then last night we hosted Allegro and Badger’s Sett for sundowners and nibbles before we went across to a lovely swordfish supper at the Wheelhouse Pub – these meals are so big that each couple ordered just one between the two of them and we all felt full.

Now however Badger’s Sett are heading off to Grenada before going to Bonaire and Allegro have just been hauled out of the water before their trip back to the States so until more boats arrive it will be a bit quieter for the time being as we are just about the only cruising boat on our side of the docks.


Welcome to your new home Phil, Ruth and Oliver James (and, of course, Mani and Bill). Happy birthday to Nick for the 26th of June, Paul for 30th of June and Phil for the 8th of July – we hope you have great days and are thinking of you. (And of course Happy Birthday to Andrew on 1st July).


PS thanks to the magic of Skype we have had great calls with all of our grandchildren, boy they are growing so quick, even Ollie who to quote Ruth ‘is growing like a weed’. A special note for Alice and Isaac, Pirates ahoy, shiver me timbers and walk the plank.


PPS and to make you laugh here is a little exchange between Chris and son Isaac (4)


Isaac – where are we going?

Chris – to pick up Alice from Pemnay Hall

Isaac- I don’t want to call it Premnay Hall

Chris- What do you want to call it then?

Isaac- South Korea


It had us curled up laughing so much, you couldn’t script it really.


Ppps promised photos will follow shortly - honest


More in due course


Susan and Andrew

Andromeda of Plymouth

Chaguaramus, Trinidad.


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