A Picture Paints a Thousand Words......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 19 Jun 2014 16:07
Still in Horta

We were going to leave today but yesterday we got bogged down in some housekeeping jobs and then looked at the forecast again and we would be motoring most of the way to Ponta Delgarda so are going to enjoy this lovely island of Faial for a few more days. Goody, there are still more wall paintings to check out to see if we know the artists and the town to visit again when we are more awake.

We have reverted back to our usual early morning wake ups, the trouble is that the daylight hours are so long we are ready for bed before the sun is. Today we had the confusion of waking at one time only to discover that that particular clock was an hour out and it was an hour earlier than we thought so in the end I googled ' what time is it in Faial' for a definitive answer, mainly because we have arranged to meet up with the folk from Aragon for a drink at Peter's Sport Bar at 5pm and it would be rude to be late. Now having synchronised our various time pieces we should be ok for the islands.

So today started with an early rise then developed into a slothful read in bed for a few hours once we had more days to do things.....cups of tea.....chocolate digestives...what more could a girl ask for?

A leisurely walk down the marina promenade to get a load of washing done, great location, sunshine, nice baguettes and fries and all the while the washing was whirring away in the machine, then into the drier it went whilst we took advantage of the great shower facilities and oodles of hot water, soap and fresh white towels that are provided with the 2 euro cost. By the time I was done so was the drying and I folded it all up to iron itself on the walk back. Time management or what!

The stunning thing about this particular location is the sheer amount of art work about. Everyone is encouraged to leave a mark of their passing through the island and most folk do. This creates an ever changing vista for visitors and locals to look at. The variety and scope of ideas is tremendous. Lots of people do indeed paint a picture of their own boat, others like ourselves have something they identify with and so leave that behind. It all makes for a fascinating walk around the harbour, you are always seeing something you didn't notice before as there is so much to see, and of course it is being added to constantly. We've spotted a lot of the paintings done by the other ARC Europe people and nearly everywhere you turn there is someone carefully putting their ideas down. Some paintings are touched up regularly and have been here for years others are very ephemeral and in a couple of seasons will have faded and been painted over, I wonder how long our orange will last ?

Andrew's ribs are still causing him a bit of grief and he finds it difficult to get comfortable sometimes and especially during the night so we are hoping that another couple of days will help immensely, the truth is though that we can't really stop until we are in Lagos so have a few more trips to do.

In the meantime Andromeda is starting to sparkle again under our attention and the more jobs we do here the less there will be to do further on.....well that is the theory anyway.

More in due course,

Susan and Andrew
Andromeda of Plymouth