andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 25 Aug 2009 13:54
41.41.600N 08.49.345W

Viana do Castello

We left Bayona very smoothly for a change but missed the dolphins in the
bay as we were too early for them. The wind was on our nose so it was
motoring all the way however just as we rounded the breakwater the wind
was gusting 25 knots again, then to add to the excitement as we approached
the marina a police boat hurtled towards us at a great rate of knots,
complete with squaddy in the back toting a machine gun, thank fully he
only came to ask us to wait 20 minutes for the pedestrian bridge to open,
so we started circling. True to form having asked us to wait the bridge
immediately opened and we were able to enter the marina and talk to the
kind harbour master as we went past. Our instructions were to wait over
there, very vague until the boat behind us came in, we thought we had to
moor up on the jetty and did so and were then asble to help the boat
behind moor bow to with a lazy line, haven,t used one of those since
Croatia. We then moved Andromeda to the right position complete with lazy
line(for those who would like to know a lazy line is one running from the
jetty to a big bit of concrete in the sea so you can use it like an anchor
and not have to drop your own.
Once we had registered we found out that we had arrived for the last day
of a big festival and that thater was all sorts of stuff happening. We
had a lot of curious onlookers as we set the boat right and were asked
questions obout where we had been etc. As it got dark lots of lights
appeared everywhere and there were numerous booths on the quayside.
Through the town there was a huge parade of musicians, dancers in
traditional dress etc.
We ended back on Andromeda waiting for the finale and at Midnight the
fireworks started, we had a ringside view from the boat and could se and
hear everything. The fireworks were displayed in time to some music and
it was very spectacular especially when they set the ones off on the
road/rail bridge and they were like a glittering waterfall. Slightly
deafened we went to bed.
Yesterday was a surprise as we awoke to an overcast sky and it even
rained. We got on with lots of jobs, resupplying, washing and generally
getting ready to move on again. Got good news about the phone it should
soon be winging its way back to us again. Then it was an early night after
watching a DVD.

Let,s see how we get out of here tomorrow