Sailing through the Stars

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Fri 26 Nov 2010 12:42
20:20.0N 21:00.08W
Night time is quite magical here in the Atlantic Ocean, as the sun dips down on the horizon colours fill the sky, fading slowing to be replaced by the first twinkling of the evening stars. We have been blessed with a lovely fullish moon too most nights, which has been rising later each night and thus giving us time to watch the bio luminescense as Andromeda speeds through the water. Then there are the visiting dolphins making wonderful curving patterns of light down the sides of our boat, that and the flat water we have had reflecting the stars from above make us feel that the horizon has disappeared and we are flying through the sky and the stars.....a fanstastic experience and one we will always remember.
The last 24hrs have been interesting,after the night of the stars, we had a night with sky looking like it had been quilted, all soft squarish pillows of cloud. We have been visited several times by dolphins and wonder if they are responsible for the lost lures - yes another on disappeared last night, just ran the line out of the rod and disappeared. But we will keep trying. On the radio we have heard the return of the guy calling for Mario, we last heard him when we did the crossing from Gibraltar to Madeira - hope they find each other soon. We have successfully deployed and retrieved our towed generator though we didin't get much juice from it. The parasailor sail has been fantastic but is having a rest today and Vanesa our wind vane has been showing her paces too.
LIfe on board is settleing down nicely, with a diferent cook each night and therefore very different meals. We have had two tasty stews, a mountainous sausage and mash and very tasty korma so far and that is only dinners (by the way Alice - what do we do with pigs?). The only hiccup we have is that our generator is not working properly and we are therefore diverting to Cape Verde to get it sorted and will then carry back on our way again, for the time being fresh guacamole is being made for lunch and I wonder what will be for dinner?
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda