Day four and energy remains a priority....

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 25 Nov 2010 12:21
21:46.93N 19:38.4W
Energy in the sense of the Service battery level which remains pretty low even though the wind charger and solar panel seem top be working well. The Mastervolt charger is playing up at the moment so its back into the engine room for me once again. It's run ok for a couple of hours on two occasions and refused to run more than 10 minutes on other ocasions. Not yet taken a hammer to it, but it is tempting. Any ideas from engineers out there would be most welcome.
We are looking for the signpost that says turn right for the Caribbean and also for the wind to resume normal service - otherwise its pretty slow going. Phil and Chris went for a swim yesterday while we were taking down the ParaSailoer when the wind died completely and thoroughly enjoyed the cooling water.
We have lost four fish so far to something far bigger - we wonder whether its tracking us as we easy pickings? However will try until we have no more energy to continue to deploy lures. So far the crew (Chris, Phil & Nick) are enjoying themselves and happily throwing themselves into all the jobs necessary to keep Andromeda going.
Thoughts to Tangaroa who are diverting the the Cape Verdes to sort out fuel problems.
More in due course.......
S/V Andromeda