Rocking all over the sea on a Manic Monday

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 2 Jun 2014 15:12
N34:15:204   W53:32:760
First of all today we would like wholeheartedly to apologise to who ever we have upset and so deserve the weather we have had. We're not sure what we did, but we are sorry. We have a couple of other theories too, just like the grib wind arows, maybe too many people are sending us wind. We always wish folk 'fair winds and a gentle sea', maybe we are just getting it all together.
After another busy night on and off the wheel we approached morning feeling quite confident, it had been a must drier night and we were looking forward to maybe getting a few bits and pieces dry instead of which we have been getting more dry stuff out to get wet. To be honest a lot of the things have been packed away for 5 years so need an airing but not all at once surely.
We offered some gifts and libations to Neptune but he is obviously busy elsewhere at the moment.
So here we are 'Rocking all over the sea' (thanks Ian, you have really got it) on this 'Manic Monday'. Hopefullly the manic wind will calm down a bit and we can enjoy a peaceful afternoon.
Thank to you folk who have been sending us messages, it gives us something else to talk about after the download and upload;  We are still working on uploading a photo and will try in calmer conditions.
More in dure course.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda