andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 26 May 2014 19:36
Dawn was chilly........
We are very sad to hear of the fate of the Cheeky Rafiki - our thoughts are with the families of those lost......
Yesterday was mainly a day of recovery and drying out - the trip to Bermuda was pretty tough, but when you added the storm and the diving to clear the prop of a huge amount of plastic floating fishing line, we were very, very tired. The fishing line was commercial grade, about 8-10 millimetres, and very strong, and resisted cutting - broke one knife blade within minutes. We would definitely have welcomed an aqualung to to use to stay down longer when trying to clear the prop - the diving took quite a bit of time as Andrew can't hold his breath as long as he once could do. However he did get it clear without drinking to much diesel and seawater - all-in-all it took about 30-40 minutes. At least we now know why we were slower than anticipated - all that fishing line would have slowed us down by up to knot sailing at least and considerably more when trying to motor, so the decision to get a tow was, we feel, the right one, given forecast conditions. The amount Andrew cut-away was about the same as we picked up off Guadeloupe and had to get cut away by a diver in Point-a Pitre. Wrong part of the ocean at the wrong time it would seem.
So once in Captain Smokey's Marina we started to dry everything out and get some sleep. What a lovely and peaceful night we had - scarcely a sound, until the boarding ladder started squeaking and I found dawn quite chilly - we are getting north after all, and the days are getting longer and the nights cooler - a taste of things to come!
It's a Bank Holiday in Bermuda today (Bermuda Day and when they celebrate the Queens birthday) so not a great deal open, so we did the washing, repaired the port primary genoa winch and dried out the last of our once sodden clothing - our oilies are now no longer completely water proof in a down-pour, which is a bit sad. Had another look around St. Georges today and then its off to the supermarket in Hamilton by bus tomorrow, for a Wednesday departure after fueling up and clearing customs, weather permitting.
The German boat next to us in the marina, Lemuria, lost a fore-stay a few weeks ago and are waiting for the new one to clear customs tomorrow. They are then going to head to the Azores around the same time as us, so we may have a little bit of company for a while. There are quite a few boats leaving for the Azores every day it would seem as this is supposed to be the best time to cross eastwarsd - we shall see what commanders have to say.
More in due course....
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda