DAY 20 - the start seems a long, long time ago now.......(in the less popular western spiral arm of the galaxy)...

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sun 12 Dec 2010 14:28
13:55.58N 43:58.6W
.......with all the excitement of the start of the crossing, the spectator boats and the sheer number of sails up all around. How diffent today - all we can hear is te sound of the wind in the rigging, the water sluicing past the hull, feel the heat of the sun and not a sail or boat in sight - 3 weeks is a long time.......
As we are towards the back of the fleet we haven't spoken to anyone on the VHF for a while now and with the power situation have not wanted to use the SSB. We are managing to service the batteries now and have a routine worked out that allows us to charge as well as run the essentials, especially at night.
The seas are very rolly right now so we are rolling about all over the place - a short chopy sea on a long choppy sea with cross-currents hitting the side of the boat and therefore water over the deck, or the stern quarter which means Andromeda veers away from her course. Vanessa the wind vane is doing a great job handling the seas and the gusts - without her we wouold be exhausted from handsteering. Andromeda has a nickname now - 'chased by squalls' which pretty well sums up the last week or so since we finally managed to get the trade winds.
We haven't been trolling for fish as we have the towed generator out the y as they wolud make great bait. Maybe next time. Much reading is going on now that folks have settled into daily life at sea - the highlight of the day being the e-mail hour and noon to noon (our time) daily run - amazing how a few words and numbers give great excitement to folks!
On the beard growing competition there is still no progress from Susan so we may disqualify her from the challenge - this late in the day its unlikely she will be able to catch up with Phil! although we are prepared to be surprised - Nick has retired.
Hope all are well back in the UK and we are thinking of you all.
More in due course......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda