(Dear Mr/Mrs Dolphin) Is this the way to Horta through the Tumblin' Waves?

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 11 Jun 2014 11:10
N38:17:342  W33:06:798
Boat Miles:- 1626
Miles to go:- 212
Well, what to say about yesterday evening. The forecast said that the currentl winds in the high 20's would diminish late afternoon and evening. Well they did, eventually. But not before delivering a major kick. We had winds gusting to 32 knots for about 5 hours as the front passed over us, but the highest observed was a whapping 38kts! This combined with very large seas, made the evening a bit of tobogan run. We had a small amount of genoa out and were still trundling along at 6kts - doesn't sound much but in these conditions it was pretty nerve racking stuff as the last thing we needed to do was broach the boat! However, the winds did diminish and this morning at first light we had nothing, so are motoring for a while while we download some more weather information and see where the wind actually is. But not too much.....! We were prepared and it didn't rain very much either.
We had another visit from dolphins - three in fact. Susan was so fast asleep she didn't react at all when I told her several times that dophins were around us, so they played around the boat for a while and then disappeared. Then when she was awake they returned so she could film them - wonderful. This particular pod seemed to spend most of the time around the boat underwater, playing in the waves with very little surface action, unlike many other pod's we have encountered. We still don't have an angle on the language though Ian, but still trying. Are they communicating we wonder...? To come back for a third time is quite remarkable in our experience - still not sure whether its a "warm welcome to the Azores" they are communicating or "its time for a bath folks!"
A while ago we posted about Shearwaters and where they go - we found and disturbed a large flock on the surface earlier today so now we know where they go - they congregate at night together and then set off wandering across the surface looking for food, usually in pairs it seems but the odd lonesome one and occasionally in threes have been seen. Nice looking birds they are too - still not sure whether the one that crash landed on us is still out there though.
Given the amount of clothing we have on to stay dry and warm we are looking a little like a pair of Wurzel Gummidges - not a pretty sight it must be said and we both avoid looking in the mirror for the time being. We will try and be presentable when we present ourselves to the authorities in due course.
Had chilli for tea - lovely. At the moment we are following the reflection of the sun on the water in the direction of the Azores. Less than 1/8th of the distance to go.
More in due course.....
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda
a.k.a. Dances with Waves