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andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sun 29 Mar 2015 09:38

Portugal News



We have been very remiss in posting an updated blog, but this year started on a bit of a low and we are only now getting out of it. The low was occasioned by the hospitalisation of Susan’s Dad, Brian, followed soon after by his unexpected passing away. It took quite a while for the coroners office to do its job and the final arrangements could be made and the cremation booked. Susan was in the UK for quite a while, initially helping her mum to sort things out and then, somewhat bizarrely, needing an operation on her foot to remove a piece of sewing needle – this couldn’t be scripted. Finally everything was sorted and we all said goodbye to Brian – we are missing him everyday


Just before the funeral Phill, Ruth and Ollie came out to Lagos to stay with us for a few days on the boat, Susan travelling back and forth with them, and we had a great time and are looking forward to their return next year, though, of course, we will see them before that. And now we hear that Alice and Isaac are visiting next month as well, fantastic.


Now that Susan’s foot is mostly functional once again the dancing has restarted in earnest which is good news. Andrew has been out racing in a Cork 1720 called Carnage – what a name – most Sunday’s and thoroughly enjoying it, though the owners are now back in the UK, so Sunday racing may be a little curtailed for him. Mexican Train is going very well, complete with a fine burgee for the week’s winners and those we have introduced it to are really enjoying our weekly sessions. Numbers fluctuate as folks have visitors, return home, have other commitments etc. but hopefully it will continue for a few more weeks before most folks head off cruising.


The Music Evenings have taken on a life of their own and each week has been different in terms of the atmosphere, musicians, folks joining in, new songs, including some seas shanty’s from Andrew, and regularly last 4-5 hours each Friday Night. Sore fingers and croaky voices ensue for the weekend. Last week a dozen or so Swedes came in and sang in both Swedish and English, and not all of it was Abba. This week, Andrew, Tony, Susan and Clare were recruited to perform in an Irish Pub, McCabes, for St. Patricks Day, by Tina, who is from Northern Ireland, with the promise of free beer all night and some Irish Stew - no competition then. After two practice sessions we ventured forth with a set list of 23 Irish songs, most well known, and some trepidation. It was certainly an experience – very loud, lots of singing, numerous requests, lots of Irish, lots of Guinness and a partial soaking of Susan who had a large glass of beer accidentally spilled down her back. No harm done and it was a good laugh with lots of folks from the Marina crowding in as well, so we think the pub was well pleased. Other than Tina, none of the crew was Irish, but we survived intact, tired and really quite pleased with how it went – providing song lyrics on sheets to be handed out certainly helped get more of the folks in the pub singing along, some who volunteered to take the lead and sing themselves, with interesting results. Be interesting to see whether we ever get asked back!


Harry and Silvie, from Solent Lady, took us out for the day to the west coast as it’s an area we haven’t really seen so far, and a very nice day it was too, with some great coastal areas, a castle, a nice lunch, interesting rural scenes and little, if any, rain. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and we really benefitted from Harry and Silvie’s 15 years in the area, and their knowledge of roads that do not appear on maps,  but now we know of at least one that leads to a wonderful river estuary with excellent swimming opportunities – some of you may be treated to the secret, one day!


The weather out here has been very kind and the last few weeks have seen us out in t-shirts and even shorts on occasion, however we do get the odd few days when the wind turns and the temperature drops. Andrew has been really enjoying his morning walks in and around Lagos and this week with fellow walker Alan away, Susan was recruited and initiated into some of the routes. The walks are usually between 3 and 5 miles and take in all sorts of terrain depending on the weather, time available etc and have been a great way to see parts of Lagos that could easily be missed as well as being taken at a fairly brisk pace that is good for general fitness. Andrew, Alan and Harry are the usual trio but this changes (as do most things here) depending on who is doing what and is where. Susan doesn’t plan to be a permanent fixture on the walks but will certainly make up the numbers as needed.


Today (Sunday) there was the fun sailing again and although only two boats took part in the sail, Susan joined Pat and Alan on Hadar – the committee boat (and Pat welcomed her again, even after  she stood in for Alan last week ). Once the line was set and the fun sailors were off Susan had the best of the deal with a nice lunch and good company......and she was useful too.


With Spring getting nicely on the way our thoughts are turning to plans for the rest of the year and what we are going to do......well we still haven’t really decided other than we are really enjoying being here in Lagos and do plan to stay in the area with a berth here for another year.  Now, to decide what we will be up to in the coming months, well when we know we shall let you all know too.


For now though it’s back to the busy hectic social whirl we seem to have and certainly we are making the most of the company before people go on their way.


More in due course


Susan and Andrew

Andromeda of Plymouth




Ps Additional feedback from St Patrick’s night, the pub ran out of guiness.....the best takings ever and they thought Susan was printing (?) the words for the songs as we went along, and they would like us to go back again.