Update on plans

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 21 Jul 2009 14:19
The Biscay rally officially started this morning at 10 am but the weather conditions for the next few days has led to a change of plan. Most of the fleet have left for Plymouth where they will stay for two days before a possible weather window opens for the voyage south. A good number of these yachts will then head for Benedot in south Brittany before either heading for La Couna or moving later to La Trinite before heading home. A number are still working out their options.
The weather is being seriously influenced by the jet stream being over us and the Azores high not moving north - I think this is an El Nino period so maybe thats also influencing the nasty weather we've been experiencing.
As fathers funeral is tomorrow we will stay in Torquay and look to leave on Friday when the weather window is forecast and see if we can join the rest of the fleet, although we will be some 35 miles behind them. There are two other yachts in Torquay who have not yet left but we are notsure what their plans are. A number of crews are constrained by time and travel arrangements so losing a number of days to the weather has meant some are significantly re-evaluating their options.
However, despite the appalling weather we chatted to the mayor and then squeezed our way out of the marina to join 11 other yachts on the start line, before heading back into the town dock for the next few days. The weather was such that no-one really wanted to do a bit of day sailing and the forecast is for high winds later today - indeed they are building as I write. One of the hatches is leaking so the girls have gone to get some retail therapy while we wait for the rain to stop for a while so we can try and sort it out. We still need to get some fuel before we leave so thats at the top of the to do list, although leak detection is right up there with it.
We are still planning to make for La Coruna if we can and will probably meet up with some of the fleet who only signed up for the La Coruna leg - about 8 or so. Most plan to make their way down to Gibralter to join the Blue Water World Rally in October so no doubt we will have some company at some stages on the journey down Portugal. Sue and Paul are still up for the trip - Sue tells us that she doesn't have to be back at work until September which gives us some time to cross Biscay :-) Paul needs to get back to work in a couple of weeks. We have the option of heading to Brittany if the weather turns - we will let you know whay we decied to do later in the week.
More in due course........
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda