Day 27 - are we there yet?

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 18 Dec 2010 15:42
14:01.35N 56:11.8W
Some wind has returned! The last 24 hrs have brought a consistent breeze and we have chugged along nicely - even through the night! It's been a lovely return and last night was extra interesting as we headed slightly more north on a broad reach, bringing more interesting sleeping conditions again! We hope these conditions continue and thank all your windy thoughts. For the third dawn in a row we've been circled by a Booby bird (we think), possibly the same one (perhaps), it is obviously hoping we will suddenly become a fishing boat and feed it. We've also spotted what we think are Frigates again - its nice to see some different wildlife, but we'd all like to see dolphins again! We found out this morning that Andromeda was won a prize at the ARC party tonight - alas we won't be there to collect it though! We're arranging for it to be collected in our absence and we're all eager to see what it is!
Apologies for some issues with the position update - this has been caused by a slight miscommunication on board and will be rectified going forward.
278 miles to go, so we proceed as swiftly as possible!
S/V Andromeda