Day 7 and it gets hotter and hotter.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sun 28 Nov 2010 12:51
17:08.39N 23:41.58W
hot indeed! but there has been some nice distractions from the heat:
Previous glimpses of flying fish have turned into regular sightings of swarms (schools?) of them gliding over the waves. its a curious sight - they seem to move together like a small flock of birds, moving with the wind before they plunge back into the sea and out of sight.
There was also the boats first possible whale sighting - a couple of the crew (sadly not myself) saw a couple of small whales (or XL dolphins) leaping out of the sea together and producing some spectacular splashes!
By far the most impressive sight, however, was the enormous pod of dolphins which came to play with us. there was at least 30 (could have easily been more - they do move fast!) diving around our bow for at least 30 mins. from our vantage at the bow you could look straight down and see them shooting in and out of the path of the boat and at times at least 4 deep! it almost seemed like a carpet of dolphins beneath the waves! it was impressive to watch them and also to watch them disappear- there was obviously a dinner waiting to be had because it took about a second for them to turn and disappear without trace!
after a lovely dinner of fajitas cooked by chris it was night time and so time for the long watches again - but still some wildlife encounters! during the night we had the fabled crashing of flying fish onto the deck! the first narrowly avoided clobbering the captain round the head and was saved as bait to hopefully catch some bigger fish for tea, and by the light of dawn another 6 were found littering the deck! lots of bait to use now - fingers crossed...
we should see dry land again today and so have started a book of when  we will spot dry land! we will let you know who wins in due course
S/V Andromeda