To Bayona

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 22 Aug 2009 08:57
42.07.222N 08.50.539W
We left our lovely anchorage the morning after a great walk on the
golden, soft sand, looking at the sea graduating in colour from light
aqua through turquoise to aquamarine blue, stunning, unfortunately we
didn’t take a camera ashore – typical – so you will have to take our word
for it and I had a brief cold swim in the sea.
When we got back on board Andromeda we watched as a sea mist came over
the hills and down to the beach obscuring everything and where once we
could see the lights of the towns and cities on the mainland we couldn’t
see hardly a thing, not even the big behemouths and could only just make
out the boats around us, fortunately by the morning it had blown away but
left an overcast sky and on the way down to Bayona it even rained -shock
horror- how easily you get used to waking up to sunshine.
So here we are in Bayona a lively bustling port with old and new parts
side by side. There is a great castle on the headland and we had a lovely
walk around the battlements past the luxury hotel where the views were
breath taking. The beach however was a disappointment as the sand was
hard and dirty looking, especially after the island. We have provisioned
up and today are cleaning up the stowing everything ready for our next
This morning we said Hello to another of the Biscay Rally boats – Solway
Mist – who had just arrived from La Caruna and we said goodbye to our
friends Ian and Glenda on Lucy Alice, they are off today towards Porto and
Portugal, on their way down to Gibralter for the start of the World Blue
Water Rally in October. We shall be watching their progress on Yacht Plot
and keeping in contact via the SSB, emails and no doubt occasionally text.
We plan to set off again tomorrow and have now sent our phone back to the
UK to be sorted out so will continue to update our position when we get an
internet connection. Please keep the messages coming it is great to hear
from those of your reading these spiels. Let us know if we get boring.
Now its off to the office to get a better signal then I will be ringing my
Dad up to wish him a happy birthday and happy birthday to our brother in
law Derek as well.
Susan ,Andrew and Andromeda standing by