Manic Monday part two

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 2 Jun 2014 19:11
We are all confused today, it was a long night and early start to the day and Andrew has just had a sleep that was over 2 hours long, or did he? The timer he uses to wake himself up appeared to have gone off so he slept through it, unusual but it has happened. I was on the wheel feeeling quite comfortable so I told him to have another hour. After this he checked the time and seems to have lost an hour..the mysteries of being at sea.
The sun is trying to put a belated appearance in, I did think I was going to be able to report an almost dry cockpit but at the last minute a devious "hissing sid" wave came over the side and soaked bits again....maybe tomorrow.
Musing whilst at the helm, I remembered the other bits I was going to include today. Does your boat dance? Andreomeda certainly does and I remebered at one time we would put in brackets after her name - Dances with Waves - well the last few days she has been showing of a great repetoire of pirouettes and on top of one wave it felt like she almost did a 360.W hat a performer!
Next I suddenly remembered I wanted to mention my cockpit game, I am sure others will have played it too but I call it 'Display Snap', you have to spot the moment when two or more displays say the same thing.  Most usually it is the boat speed and depth (last) (you know those mysterious occasion when you know you are in water too deep to register and suddenly it  says 3.5 or something. Then if you are on the right course you can even et the COG displaya involved. I tried to get a photo of the COG saying 34, the Depth 3.4 and the boat speed 3.4, but it all moved too quick. Sometimes you can even manage to get the wind indicator involved too.  What can I say, it keeps you awake when on watch.
And finally for today I would like to sing the praises of the humble hot water bottle. Our is very old and has travelled everywhere with us but still performs sterling service when called upon, last night I was oh so cosy with it in the bunk and it is so comforting too.
More in due course,
P.S. For those off to Teceira for the bull running - ole, of course.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda