I wanna hold your Wheeeeeeeel......I wanna hold your wheel

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 21 May 2014 15:00
N28:20:527   W65:32:858
Day....let's not bother with day number, we are keeping count but the number is currently bigger than one hand so we'll forget it.
Wheels....well as my Mum says when she hears someone talking gibberish.....I had two and the wheels fell off !
Andromeda has only the one wheel, she does have pulleys and sprockets etc, but only the one steering wheel, and its getting good use I can tell you. We will need to buy a new cover for it when we get to Europe.  Europe you say, yes we are headed there, we are just taking the very scenic route because of the wind we are finding out here, when there is some of course.
There are some good things about the lack of wind though, let's see, well you don't spill the tea for one . As for other good things, well if you had been out here in the Atlantic Ocean yesterday when the sea almost flat calm it was beautiful.  The sea looked liked rippled silk, the blue water was such a wonderful colour ( I don't think  it was one of the colours on our list) and showed up the orangey-yellow (well what else) seaweed drifting pass to perfection. Then when the shearwaters came gliding up to water ski to halt just off the hull,  it was just wonderful and l I hope I caught them on camera and video.  The big ocean swells were gently coming towards us, gently takingus up and down the waves. The clouds and Andromeda's sails were reflected in the clear, calm water. We were making gentle ripples as we seemed to glide along.it was really delightful and a picture that will stay in our minds a long time.  Then we could see a blue line in the distance...wind?  not really, but as we crept nearer patterns began to appear on the surface of the sea. Almost acheckered effect where the very gentle breeze was playing on the surface. Looking all around surrounded  by these tiny ripples the colour of the sea was changed remarkedly. but withsmall patchee of clm showing too. We  just hope the photos will show how it was
Meanwhile we also  some meals that didn't feel like they might leap off the plate and the afternoon sunshine was very warm.
Then as our weather router said would happen the wind started to fill in, from 1.3 knots it went up to  5 for a few hours, and overnight crept up to 8 and this morning we have been in double figures and even had to reef the sails......maybe Neptune did like out belated libations for crossing the Tropic of Cancer......
For the moment Vanessa has taken the wheel, her orange (!) ribbons fluttering away as she keeps us on course.  We have just had a slap up breakfast and another cup of tea and we shall be keeping an eye out for wildlife.....shipping news, we saw a cargo ship in the distance as it was getting dark last night.
Figures...well anyone who knows me, knows I like these, we are over 7/10, or 2/3's of the way to Bermuda so have 3/10's or 1/3 to go.....we are coming really but then we didn't intend to go to Bermuda , but the fuel dock is calling our name.
More in due course,
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda