One tack forwrd and two gybes back......title especially for your Sue Morgan

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 4 Jun 2014 14:18
N35:55:569 W49:31:230
Boat miles - 836
GPS 1011 to go
We had a really good day yesterday, we started to get some stuff dried out and hopefully the first batch will be done sometime today, its so slow.  We had watery sunshine for a while but are just relying on the wind to do its job.  Vanessa being on the helm is a great boon. The best of which is that when the hissing sids arrive and throw water all down the side decks and the corner of the cockpit we are sitting somewhere else so don't get the full brunt of it.The other added bonus is that at the end of a watch Vanessa doesn't get distractred and so go off course like we do.  She is a really good member of our team so thank you Vanessa.
Having stayed dry all day we settled down for the evening watches.  Andrew managed to sleep ok but by the time Susan was going to bed we were hitting the waves andt they were hitting us with regular monotony so she found her sweet spot in the cockpit and went out like a light. 
The winds are pretty good at the moment and are forecast to be so for the next 24 hours when there will be a change again, so we are trucking along quite nicely and ticking of the stages in my notebook. I have the journey split up into 16ths, 10ths, 8ths, 6ths, 5ths, quarters, thirds and halves so nearly everyday we can celebrate a milestone and on some days two....keeps us a bit sane....sane, surely not, well yes we do freely admiot we are a bit mad.
Along with all this good stuff though there has to be somethings doesn't there. A couple of days ago Susan got thrown across the galley and collected a lovely set of bruises on her left side and not to be outdone Andrew had a spectacular slide about in the head and had an argument with the sink unit and is brewing some bruises to rival Susan's, maybe we will take some pictures and see whose is the pretiiest or something. Susan has been dosing him up with medication and a bit of cosseting and it will be a bit painfull for a day or two.
As for the title today, a bottle of wine for anyone who can relate to it, Sue M should for sure, but if anyone else can figure it out there is a bottle there too. And on monday I was going to use 'Little White Bull' but it went right out of my heard.
Having you given something to mull over I shall be heading back to the cockpit to see if Andromeda has learnt any new steps.
We hope everyone had a great night sail to Ponta Delgarda, we are looking forward to getting there too. Sao Miguel is a lovely island and we hope the hydrageas are out for you to see and you get time to have your sweetcorn cooked in the caldera.
More in due course,
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda of Plymouth
Dances with WAves