Noon Position - first night at sea......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 22 Nov 2010 21:33
26:20.150N 15:46.85W
First night at sea..... a new experience! Having avoided the first watch I had the pleasure of trying (successfully) to sleep on the boat as we ran in front of the wind. To give an impression of the sensation: its like havng your bedroom nailed to a small rollercoaster while listening to someone floundering in the bath (in surround sound). Throughout the night the horizon steadily became less populated by navigation lights, or the gloomy (and unnerving sight) of a yacht without lights. Progress has been good so far, apart from a brief period around midnight, where the wind dropped and we mostly floundered at about 1.5 knots. Dawn brought the sun and container ships to keep an eye on, but they passed at some distance. A whole day at sea now but not even a glimpse of wildlife! We had a fantastic send off and the sight of so many yachts and spectator boats was amazing. We even managed to get the Parasail up  - yippee!!
S/V Andromeda