By the time we got to Horta...........

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 14 Jun 2014 14:24
By the time we got to Horta
We can tell you our aorta
Had danced a jig and kicked its heels with glee.
Susan's glutteous maximus
and Andrew ribs still a fuss
Were all relieved after 16 days at sea.
Well we wobbled ashore - thats the only way to describe our odd walk which is partly swagger, partly stagger and partly moving in anticipation that a wave is on its way, only it isn't! So we appear to wobble around as we try to move from one piece of solid ground to another. Takes a while to overcome!
After a short recovery we wobbled up to Peter's Bar for a quick meal before falling into bed and sleeping for nearly 12 hours straight. We said hello to Paul and Claire from Aditi, with whom we had exchanged e-mails during the crossing, and to Jan and AnnaLiesse from Anna Sophia whom we had last seen in Nanny Cay at the start of the rally - they have a Contest 48, but its more modern and much quicker than we are.
The next thing to do is organise some repairs, dry out the boat and then get ready for the rest of the trip east. We hope to see one or two of the Azorean islands before making the final trip to Lagos, after some more sleep though!
We hope the ARC Europe prize giving goes well in Lagos and of course we would have liked to have been there. However its a great achievement by all and we hope to see some of the rally participants in the future.
From a windy and very busy Horta,
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda