Basking in the Baking Bay

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 21 Sep 2009 16:50
37.06.773N 08.31.345W

Basking in the Baking Bay

We weren't originally going to do a post from here as we have only gone
across from the marina
but its been very interesting. We mosied over after a great exit from our
berth unfortunately there
wasn't anyone around to appreciate it or applaud. After giving back our
key cards etc we went the grand
distance of half a mile to our anchorage. The anchor set and it was all
hunky dory. We were amongst about
14 other boats of differing sizes, and although the marina staff had
forecast rain we didn't get any.
We settled down for a quiet afternoon but the wind got up, and it blew and
blew and changed direction and
pushed Andromeda towards some pot markers that we had carefully avoided.s
As the tide changed so did our
position and the pot markers got closer and closer. Eventually we couldn't
stand the tension any more so we up anchor
moved ourselves further over and re -anchored, no pot markers hurrah!!

The following morning (Saturday )it was my (Susan's) birthday and after
phone calls from the children we settled
down to a very relaxing day watching the world go by. There was lots of
coming and going in the channel in front of us, we had two big liners come
in and
disorge their passengers to sample the delights of Portimao. Fishing
vessels went in and out and and
what we called the 'Pirate Ship' regularly passed by. We had a scrummy
lunch and I was so laid back I was almost

We watched the catamaran that came in the other day re-anchor again (but
not because of the pot markers) and we
watched their dog running around on deck before leaping into their tender
to hint that he wanted to go ashore.
The sun came down and Andrew took to the galley and made for me the thai
fishcakes and dip I love (and those of you who
tasted this will appreciate it) and beef stroganoff to follow (well I
didn't want him to get a nervous breakdown
making the whole banquet). Delicious and after a lovely evening watching
the sunset and stars come out it was bed time.

Sunday morning started off very well and after breakfast I found lots of
energy and did lots of cleaning
and tidying up and sorting before settling down for a lovely sit in the
sun. The wind started to blow again and I looked up to find that once more
we were right next to the
pot markers, after another stand off with them and with the wind still
building we decided to relocate again.
The only good thing being that it was now high tide so we knew exactly how
much chain we needed down. The wind in the afternoon regularly tops F5 so
the anchor needs to be well set.

We woke up this morning (Monday) to find that everybody was facing a
different direction, in the meantime
another big liner had arrived but appeared to be anchored just out side
the harbour entrance and three of its
lifeboats were on the water. At first it looked like there was something
wrong but after the pilot boat came
out then went back in we realised that maybe it was simply too big for the
channel and this was their way of getting
the passengers ashore. If its Sunday it must be Portimao - you know the rest.

Meanwhile on the breakwater there were 30 to 40 men dressed in white
shorts, tshirts and trainers running enmasse to
the end and back, obviously some team of some sort - far too energetic for

We have decided to visit Albufeira so will let you know what we discover.

More in due course......

Susan & Andrew
S/Y Andromeda