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andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 29 May 2014 14:44
GPS miles to go                                            boat miles covered last 24hrs
Here we are at sea once again and very quickly there wil be three occupations, keeping Andromeda moving, sleeping and eating, eveything else will revolve around these. As we are two up on Andromeda things get a bit complicated sometimes believe it or not.  Over the years we have tried various watch patterns and slowlly come round to our present one that seems to suit us. Once it gets dark we go two on two off, until daylight when we change over each hour.  There is a certian amount of flexibility to enable either of us to have some extra shuteye if we need it.  So far it has worked, the real challenge comes if we have issues to deal with and mess up the system. Getting comfortable is the next challenge, again because there are only two of us we don't like to be far away in case we are needed, so our main bunks are on the saloon berths with our lee clothes up to keep us cosy and in place. On a steady sea this works very well but throw in the rolling that we have had almost continuously since leaving Nanny Cay and it is a whole different ball game. We have tried various things and on the crossing from the Canaries had a matteress on the saloon floor which worked very well but the rolling this time is none stop, so on occasion ,we wedge ourselves tightly into a corner on the floor of the cockpit. It is amazing how safe you feel as there is no where to fall or roll to so you can get some sleep or dozing in.  Of course this isn't a particularly great idea if it is raining...
Eating is the other occupation and again we are very flexiable with a good variety of quick made meals as well as some nice things for treats and on less rolly days even some exotic items will be cooked up.  We like best meals that cook in one pot and can be eaten one handed. As one of us is always on watch this is most practical.   Hmmmm I am thinking of making a stew for tomorrow night but for today, well we bought a rotisserie chicken in St. Georges and that will lend it self to all sorts of meals depending on what we fancy. Its bright, sunny and warm here today so I think a nice chicken salad will go down a treat but first there is lunch and methinks it will be bacon and egg butties with a hot cup of tea.
As for the rest of course keeping Andromeda going is our primary concern. It is so lovely to be tootling along without that sea anchor under our boat. The wind has been blowing steadily and although the wind angle isn't any good for Vanessa (because of the gantry we suspect) we have been managing with the hand steering. The wind direction is due to change tomorrow so hopefully Vanessa will get her act together then.
On the wildlife front not much to report other than the few dolphins as we left yesterdya but for traffic well there was almost a jam...kidding...we have seen three different vessels so far.  A big ketch that left after us went by yesterday afternoon and two motor cruisers chugged by in the night. No doubt we shall see more  as we get closer to Europe.
On a completely unrelated topic we found out yesterday that we were the 293rd boat to clear into Bermuda this year. Talking to the customs guy he said it is very slow, some years they have as many as 20 boats a day clearing in and out with over 800 coming and going during the season.
Now off to start those bacon butties.....
more in due course
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda