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andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Fri 6 Jun 2014 14:26
N36:50:993  w44:38:831
GPS miles to go:- 768
Boat miles done:- 1052.7
Hello everyone Andromeda here, I have Mrs Peeps (Susan) scribing my thoughts for today's blog.
Mr and Mrs Peeps have been in high spirits since yesterday when we passed the half way point, I think the lovely warm sunshine helped too.
Mrs Peeps was certainly chuffed to get that damp clothing washed and out to dry, not that she was worrying over much, too many other things on her mind at the time.
The Peeps have been working really hard as the calmer conditions arrived and I must say I am looking much more ship-shaped below decks but definitely a bit chinese laundry/junk boat on decks.  Delicious smells of cooking food keep pervading my cabins too - though of course I can only go by their comments here that this is a good thing.
The celebration yesterday of passing the half way mark was fun. It is a good job we were under motor as all that champagne made Mrs Peeps very dopey in the warm sunshine and after the lunch she zonked out for a few hours. Mr. Peep's enjoyed the sunshine keeping a good watch for any hazards about.
Just after Mrs Peeps woke up a huge brown turtle went passed, not a leatherback but a hawksbill we think.
I have been doing a very stately waltz through the deminishing waves - I needed a rest after all that pirouetting and gavotting after all.
Yesterday Mr Peep's brother sent an email and I thought I would just share an extract from it .....quite amused me.
'A thought experiment (just like Einstein used to do!) Put soft, squishy people in a little wooden box, shake violently and randomly and see what happens.  I wonder if the squishy humans will be more damaged than the hard wooden boat? 
Once you have finished actually carrying out the practical investigation, perhaps you could provide an accurate log of the number of bruises you have compared to the number of bruises Andromeda has (preferably in a graphical format correlated with the wind strength) and then we might be able to draw some tentative conclusions about whether putting humans in wooden boxes and shaking them is a good idea.  I wonder'
Yes well I can see what he means but the weather is completely beyond my control.
My trip counter has now been reset as at midnight or thereabouts last night we reached 999miles on the log and so had to go back to zero again - we have done over 1000 miles through the water since leaving Bermuda.
Mrs Peeps was on watch at sunset last night and and said she enjoyed the most spectacular one she has seen so far. The colours on the glassy water were unbelievable and she took some photos so fingers crossed they capture some of the splendour.
So far today has been a very lovely sunny day and Orion my auto pilot has been doing a superb job of keeping us on track and Vanessa is patiently waiting for the promised winds to fill in when she will take over. I actually think Vanessa and Orion keep us more on course, they don't seem to get distracted like the Peeps do sometimes.
A bit of excitement after breakfast this morning when some lovely little dolphins came and enjoyed our bow wave briefly.
So we are now nearing European waters and my birth place. The water temperature is going down for sure and the fridge is having to work less hard these days.
Its been lovely to share some thoughts with you.
PS Somehow through the night and occasionally now we have - (minus) wind speed, how does that work ? (and we have photographic evidence)
More in due course,
Andromeda of Plymouth aka Dances with Waves
Susan and Andrew aka The Peeps
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda