Marry Christmas from a rolly Carlisle Bay

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 25 Dec 2010 13:09
Merry Christmas everyone and many thanks for the e-mails, messages of support and e-cards - the latter we can't see until we get an Internet connections, but thanks you for the thought - we will enjoy them!
We are spending quite a bit of time at anchor at present in Carlisle Bay as there is a large storm up north which is generating a large northerly swell. This gets into the harbour where we were berthed and can cause a lot of damage. So much so that the whole harbour empties of coastguard patrol boats, charter catamerans, tripper boats, yachts, motor boats and submarines - yes there are two! It won't be until after Sunday/Monday that we may be able to return and get some jobs done - the fridge has packed up, the laundry needs to be done, we need to re-provision tha boat after such a long time at sea, and clean and ready Andromeda for the mast replacement. Although this will take quite a while.
We have been in dialogue with the Insurance company and are arranging a surveyors report for them. Clint, the wonderful rigger, has already developed a plan for sourcing and shipping a replacement rig and has been in touch with the local sail loft as we will need a new main and genoa. We are likely to be in Barbados for a couple of months. We have lots to do and once the festivities have passed we are sure that the pace of actions will dramatically increase. Once we have a few things sorted there may even be time to see a bit of the island!
We hope you all have a lovely Xmas and New Year and we will raise a toast to you all iin thanks for your support and kind messages.
Merry Christmas and very prosperous New Year to you all.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda