Update as to why the blog has been in abeyance for a while

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Sun 29 Sep 2019 14:21
We are now back in Palma Majorca and I am trying to get the blog updated and on target again as at the end of the spring trip (Nice to Barcelona) as we sailed from France down the coast into Spain everything got into rather a muddle to say the least and my mistakes inputting co ordinates was not helped by the fact that MAILASAIL had altered there blog pages for the better but it took some getting used to and for a while one couldn’t even edit anything so having gone wrong it was a tad difficult to sort.

Hopefully in the next week I can bring everything up to date from when we arrived in Port Ginesta Barcelona on 10th June which is where we left the boat on the 12th June over the summer and from David’s arrival back there on 15th September with Andrew and their sail across to Majorca


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