Return to Moy Toad - Trapani Sicily

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 22 Sep 2017 18:20
38:00.83N 12:31.30 E

We returned to the boat last Sunday evening to find her in the water ( she had been stored on land during our absence) at the boatyard reasonably clean both inside and out which was a relief. The laundry had been returned so quickly making up our bed we then walked into Trapani to find the restaurant we had been to several times before . The food and wine was just as good and they even remembered us - bit scary!

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After a good nights sleep we spent Monday unpacking , checking what we had left on board in the way of food and drink and made a list for re victualling the boat the next day. David did jobs like fitting the Bimini, returning the safety gear to the rails, checking that the engine and generator worked and the outboard engine and dealing with a non functioning pump in the forward heads. The guy who'd done our laundry came to take wine and drink requirement order - this meant it saved carrying heavy bottles back from the supermarket. In the meanwhile I had to return to the airport as not long after we'd arrived on board Sunday evening I realised I had left my iPad, Kindle and earphones on board the plane!!! I was not the happiest of bunnies when I discovered this. We found a phone number for lost property on Palermo Airport website and it did say anything found In a plane or in the airport would be kept in the duty managers office before being put in lost property and it was supposedly a 24 hour number but we couldn't get through. So we enlisted the help of the foreman in the boatyard first thing Monday morning to ring and he finally got through and much to my relief the white bag containing the above items was there. So we got Nico of Erice - Trapani Taxis who'd met us at the airport to take me back. Lovely guy with a smattering of English and very caring came into the airport with me which was just as well as the duty manager wasn't there and another phone call had to be made and sadly I just don't have the Italian. Anyway white bag retrieved and I returned to the boat . David had been to a green grocers not far away to keep us going with a few things and we ate on board Monday night.

Tuesday Nico returned to take us to the supermarket and also the fish market . We also went back to the local fruit and veg shop which also sells excellent mozzarella . So we were resupplied for several days. Having done all the jobs we could think of and retrieved the dinghy and boat covers and being averse to marinas we decided to leave the boatyard and head out to Lavanzo one of the Egadi Islands that we had been to many time before. Near enough that if there were any problems with the boat we could return to the boatyard to get sorted before setting off on the next stage of our journey around Sicily

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