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Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Thu 28 May 2015 07:00
23rd May

again the wind is powering us on, 7 kts average. fingers crossed for more of this, we are considering the possibility of skipping the azores if this continues. 

a pod of large common dolphins came up today. amazing display as they leaped to join the ship.

a large 5ft fish cruised past with 2 very bright blue spots i am curious to find out what it was.

rubbish: plastic crate and some wood pieces so far.

 24th May

pretty lazy sunny day, cruising at average 6 knots in calm seas approaching Fiores of the Azores, not sure if we are going to stop yet or not, decision tomorrow i guess.

3 turtles and skipper saw a whale spout this morning. a big plastic crate / debris and lots of little bits of plastic again appearing. later in the day A WHALE. it came right up very close to the boat for a few minutes, mind blown. after dinner a lot of dolphins were herding fish near the boat for a long time. We have decided not to stop, another 2 weeks and next stop St Mawes......

 25th May

Last night on watch i had to swerve to avoid another yacht. odd concept in the massive space of the atlantic but it goes to show the importance of being alert on watches.. it doesnt seem like the other yacht knew we were there till we were a hundred yards away !!. today we head north, the wind has died so we are motoring for 24hrs to recharge the batteries and see if we can catch wind but after that we will switch the engine of to conserve fuel and see what the gods have in store for the 3rd and final leg. Moral defiantly shifts when the engine comes on and the wind dies.

 26th May

Quiet morning. downloaded a grib..... Some very heavy weather coming up !!!! quiet before the storm is very appropriate until. the wind went round to 90 degrees and the shackle that holds up the gib decided to fail. lucky it happened now and in calm seas. we sent young blood up the mast luckily it was straight forward and provided some entertainment. few whales today. no dolphins yet.