Dolphin free day!

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 5 Sep 2014 06:46
We are now in Camerinas very pretty Ria .
having motored here along what's known as the Costa da Morte. Dull day and quite cool. Not a lot to see other than rocky cliffs, the odd impressive lighthouse and many wind turbines - not doing a lot!

A relaxing day and tonight a pleasant Marina several English boats here. Supper was a good spag. bog made by the captain and Rioja.

The town is renown for its lace making and there are certainly several shops selling it - as yet haven't seen much being made other than the evidence as in the pictures.

Ok - we've crossed the Bay of Biscay and I think we all can't quite believe it. After our arrival yesterday in La Corona once safely tied up which went remarkably smoothly we did break open a bottle of Champagne (missed photo opportunity! Once drunk followed by much needed showers all round we walked into town. City of Glass it's called because of all the galleries on the upper floors- certainly different. Lovely central square and very busy with people just strolling early evening. Nice atmosphere. We succumbed to some very yummy yogurt ice creams before walking round the old town in a very dazed fashion and finally back to the boat. Supper in the marina and then sleep. A solid 8 hours - bliss.

This morning Alex left just before 8am to get a taxi to the station then train to Santiago de Compostela to fly home. Feeling better thankfully. We then set off once Joy had managed to get her washing finally dried ( not the most efficient drier) out of the laundry room which had been locked up on her the previous evening.

Sadly we didn't have time to go to and up the lighthouse - that's for another time. We felt we needed to keep going and tonight has been relaxing here and tomorrow we head south round Cape Finisterre and hope to find a nice anchorage in one of the Rias. We then intend to spend two nights in Baiona before heading on to the Portugese Coast.

As for dolphins none seen all day until we headed into this Ria and then we are not sure what we saw but 2 fins moving fast through the water large bodies and greyish in appearance. ? Dolphins but not common ones or whales? Will we see them in the morning and be able to identify or will they remain a mystery?