Update from Mor Toad

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Sat 23 May 2015 14:26

19th May

Today was a good day. great wind and sun and progress in the right direction, spirits high.

for dinner David Smith aka "Speilberg " due to his go pro obsession, made the most amazing bread packages with chicken caserole inside, the finest passage meal I've ever had, long may this wind continue, 

 20th May

more wind than expected, Found a fresh flying fish on deck when i got up so it got filleted and fried for my breakfast, the others wouldn't touch it but it was good..family of dolphins played for 15 min. not much else has happened, i made the worst meal of the trip so far, a big fail of corned beef hash.

 21st May

way more wind and sea than the grib said. cracking on well. long may this continue.

dead turtle , plastic crate and two plastic bottles. 

Young Blood nailed his Mor Toad in the hole again.

 22nd May

The last few days have been very satisfying. and average of 7kts for 48 hours has eaten up the miles. a very needed push. the grib weather files we get from email via the sat phone have been saying way less wind than we have been experiencing. pinch of sea salt needed i think for those gribs but better than nothing. we are very impressed with the Redbox /iridium sat phone set up.

we have run out of fresh food after 9 days so its tinned food (which isn't so bad) and making bread which is way better than shop stuff. 

some more dolphins today.  generally familys of about 10-15 so far.

we have 3 sails out and cracking along at 7kts in the sun. lifes pretty good, as our pro skipper keeps pointing out, this is his office......;-)

-todays human rubbish in the sea-

cooking gas bottle , bouy, big piece of white plastic , old bucket


the "Rick Astley moment" with skipper and young blood is not something I predicted happening half way across the atlantic.....................


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