Family visit

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 9 Jun 2017 07:43
Tanya and family left on Tuesday having had 5 nights with us. A very different experience for them and hopefully they enjoyed their time with us. As David has put it sailing with us ' we do destinations and experiences very well but not restful holidays' and I think that sums it up ' though a change is always as good as a rest?'

Lola did get her large ice cream for climbing to the top of the hill - in fact she got two ice creams that day.

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Fun was had on the town beach but unfortunately whilst they have been with us there have been a lot of jelly fish in the water and also on the beach so that has sadly put the children ( and adults ) off swimming and snorkelling. Both David and I have been stung and quite painful leaving a large welt but thankfully doesn't last too long .

We also tried the little train tour round the island which was obviously very popular with the locals.This meant we saw a little bit of the island which is full of quarries where they have excavated the 'Tufa' local limestone for their building and walls . The driver gave a continuous commentary but in Italian so we didn't know what was going on. We also went past the bay where we had anchored previously on the first day of the holiday with all the music blaring out. Still very busy but no music.

Sunday was very windy and people were struggling to moor up their boats. One we watched tried going in reverse but the wind got him he did a full 180 and had to go in forward but didn't hit anything. Another British boat coming in also had big problems and ended up in forwards having hit couple of boats - felt really sorry for them. 2 boats one a motor boat and the other a yacht hit us - the motor boat hit our anchor so most probably incurred some damage to himself . The yacht hit us on the port side near the front causing slight damage to the capping rail - we were given a bottle of wine! Very glad we were well and truly tied up and not trying to come into port - we'd struggled with the wind on our first visit to Marsala but there the marina was pretty empty so we had room for manoeuvre- a different scenario holiday weekend. Favignana . It really was heaving Italians enjoying their weekend but by Monday morning all quiet again as if nothing had happened.

Monday we went back over to Livanzo in the hope of getting a swim but the jelly fish were out in force which made swimming off the boat not that attractive sadly as it was their last day. So Tanya and Lola had a walk into the village and did a little shopping for presents and In the afternoon we had a good gentle sail back to Trapani and David made a spaghetti bolognaise which is Fawcett family tradition for last day of holidays.

A taxi arrived for them Tuesday morning to take them to Palermo airport which is where we shall be heading in just over a week.

In our time left we sailed north to Cabo Di San Vito. We are not sure what we are going to do or how long we are going to stay here - we have to be back in Trapani at the latest Tuesday evening which then gives us Wednesday to sort the boat out and pack. The boat is being taken out of the water at Trapani Boat Services and they will clean and look after it over the summer and do one or two jobs before we return mid September

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