Bequia - the Grenadines

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 16 Jan 2015 17:40
13:00.53N 61:14.34W

We left the anchorage in Carlisle Bay, Barbados at 1.00pm on Wednesday refuelled and then set sail overnight to here. 19 hours of a very very rolly sea. Not a lot of sleep for anyone except Sam who apparently lay spread eagled on his berth and didn't move unlike the rest of us. Merryn did really well but also didn't really sleep, had had Kwells but was sick just before we arrived here.

It was lovely to see a wooded island rising out of the sea. We decided not to go to the bigger island of St Vincent as we had not heard good reports.

We sailed round the north of the island at around 7.00am and were on a mooring buoy at 8.15. We were met by couple of local boat boys who wanted to help us find a spot eventually the skipper chose a certain buoy on the SE corner of the bay close to the town Port Elizabeth and one of them helped us attach the boat.

Phew - we finally felt we'd made it to The Caribbean. A lovely bay surrounded by coloured houses on the hillside, some lovely beaches, turquoise water once the sun had come up. Very quiet apart from some big ferries that come in and out but are not that intrusive and the odd boat boy (selling their wares) buzzing around, water taxis and yachtsman's dinghies. Lots of yachts anchored or moored here of all nationalities but nowhere nearly as busy as we had been led to believe.

We left Dan on board to sleep and the rest of us went ashore to explore. Very tranquil place, very pleasant people who obviously love the children. Several supermarkets with the basics, fruit and vegetable stalls with a lot of variety, stalls selling handicrafts and galleries but all low key. We had lunch in a cafe, walked along a board walk past several nice looking restaurants and couple of hotels just generally getting a feel for the place. In the afternoon all but David went onto a beach in St Margaret's Bay close by and had great swims and a snorkel and I also had a walk along the beach. Bt the time we had had supper the skipper and crew were pretty much fast asleep. Some tried to watch a film but David didn't see any of it, I'd already gone to bed and the others gave up half way too.


A very good nights sleep by all except Sam who managed to wriggle out of bed and land on his head on a calm anchorage! So far today the men have been doing boat jobs - tested the batteries and taken one they think dubious out of service, demonstrated that the bilge pump does work but have taken the float switch out of service. (This was damaged (the electrics) by the flood we had in the middle of the night on Tuesday/Wednesday from the water maker). Once we arrived here yesterday this was checked and thankfully still works - don't think David was convinced it would - fortunately a good chandlers on the island and David managed to buy a new filter so all up and running. They even have a float switch and batteries. We also bought Doyles Guide and a wind scoop. The latter has made a lot of difference to the temperature of the cabins which were getting very hot. He also repaired the Port bow light. So never a dull moment with regard to keeping the ship in working order.

The English guy on the boat next to us came over this morning. He has been sailing the area for years so was able to give us some useful information.

Whilst the men were doing jobs Alex took the children to the beach and I walked into town for a few things and managed to buy some filleted fish from a guy that was cleaning fish by the footpath and also booked David and I into a hotel not far away for a couple of nights - Saturday and Sunday called The Gingerbread. This will just give us all a bit of space. Tonight we are baby sitting so Dan and Alex can go out for the evening.

So our plan is to explore this island for the next few days and then sail south to Tobago Cays, Mustique and a few other islands. We will then have to come back here to check out before we head to St. Lucia toward the end of the month. We have decided we won't go as far as Granada - shame but although we have 3 months we can't do everything.