Rubicon Marina Lanzarotte

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 29 Sep 2014 10:00
Monday morning and we are sat in the cockpit 10.30am just having had breakfast. Warm and sunny with a warm breeze which is just as well as I suspect it would be very hot otherwise.

We arrived here yesterday afternoon and the boat is now in its spot where we shall leave it until we return for The Atlantic Crossing early December. We have now booked flights back to the UK next Monday.

All a bit of an anti climax now and even part of me thinks we should just keep going! Brad and Joy have gone off to a B and B and to work out how they will spend the rest of their two weeks in Europe but we hope to meet up during the next week.

Big Marina but quiet, good showers and even has a swimming pool :-) It is surrounded by lots restaurants and bars and shops but doesn't seem that busy. Plenty of yachts here but many shut up.

Friday and Saturday were spent in the most beautiful anchorage as I think I said previously. Very peaceful except when the tripper boats arrived but that wasn't too bad. Quite a number of other boats anchored too and we met up with some Finnish people from Turku and the owners and crew on a Catamaran from Falmouth. They live in Coverack and St Just and both boats are set to do The ARC. I also spoke to a French family with 3 children and they are doing something called Voleurs sans Frontiere - presumably a French equivalent. There do seem to be quite few French boats around.

Back to our anchorage - beautiful clear sea green water, 27.5 degrees so wonderful to swim in which I took every opportunity to do so. Lovely beach with larval rocks on it and an old volcano to walk up and round which David and I did. Very barren landscape as is most of the area we have discovered. No cars on the island and one village with low white housing which we have discovered is the norm. We didn't visit it but Brad and Joy went off to explore.

We were sad to leave there but so pleased we had stopped and not come straight here last Friday.

Yesterday took us 5 hours to get here after we had lifted the anchor - pretty bumpy on the first tack and had to motor sail but second tack we got some sailing in. The spots for the day were one turtle, 2 huge dolphins which stayed with the boat a short while and a whale or two blowing at some distance to the stern of the boat but quite close in to shore. Again unidentifiable birds and Brad saw a flying fish.

The coastline down the west side of the island is pretty barren landscape with some small white villages, plenty of old volcanos and larval flows into the sea. Having looked on the map it apparently is a national park so out intention over the next week is to explore the island, visit some of these wild places and hopefully get a few good walks as well and also visit other tourist attractions like Cesa Maniques house etc.

In amongst this we have to get the laundry done, sort the boat - David has a few maintenance jobs to do, pack and remove clothing that we have realised we shall definitely not be needing all being well and also to research where the best places are for re victualling the boat in early December with fresh produce - our deep storage is still pretty well intact.


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