Wednesday 19th September

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 25 Sep 2018 10:29
The morning started with a Face Time call to our Grandson Tom as it was his 6th birthday. Remarkably quite a good signal as we do feel quite remote on this coast.

After that a swim and breakfast and we upped anchor and continued heading north with the intention of a lunchtime stop ( maybe overnight if we really liked ) in Ajaccio the next main town .

We ascertained over the phone that we could have a berth we would have to pay 50€ for a half day stay . So we made it and tied up to the Pontoon this time port side too instead of the normal reversing into the space so last minute change of ropes when we discovered this but accomplished.

Andrew who is on board with us has hurt his foot so he declined to come ashore but stayed behind washed the boat filled the water tanks and dealt with the washing. David and I went into town and found a restaurant on the front which sold ‘crepes ‘ which is what we fancied for lunch and turned out to be very good. After that we had an explore of the town plenty of people sitting at cafes in all the streets. We again needed to find the supermarket for a few things and also sent a couple of postcards but decided we weren’t that enamoured by the place so certainly wouldn’t be staying the night. So headed bank to the marina David went into the Capatinieres office to pay but as we had had less than three hours he said no payment - we were gobsmacked. We’d had electricity and water too. So happy sailors we quickly motored off the pontoon and out to sea to find our next anchorage which was not far away on some islands - Isles Sanguinairies. Few boats when we got there but they soon all left presumably to go back into port.

D. and I had a snorkel over to some rocks and saw a few different fish but not much really. We had a fairly early night and woke to a beautiful clear morning and sunrise.

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