Day 19 - 161nm (record 24hrs) - distance to go to waypoint 211nm to run

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 6 Jan 2015 13:03
14:06.68N 55:45.35W

After the previous nights squalls yesterday turned into a very pleasant day though we had big seas and were doing a lot of surfing down waves. On cue as we were having supper in the cockpit the clouds started building behind and we started getting the stronger winds and during David' s first watch 7-10pm he spent a lot of time furling and unfurling the poled Genoa and he also got quite wet too. This continued for a while during Dan's watch but then the Squalls disappeared although apparently the wind was quite fickle all night but we made good rolly progress and on our screen the last waypoint was munched by the ship and our next one is Barbados :-)

I got up about 6am - the moon was still up and bright and the sun was showing signs of rising in the East. Odd phenomena having the moon and sun up at the same time. Sure it happens but one only sees it in this big vista.

We put the clock back an hour again yesterday so we a now 3 hours behind UCT. We need to move another hour but we shall now wait until we are in Barbados.

It's 8.30am as I write this and David has just checked the auto pilot mounting - all still tight so that's good. Dan is still sleeping after his last watch so we'll wait until he gets up for breakfast. The rolly sea of a couple of hours ago has changed again and we are getting the biggish waves coming in behind the boat so surfing again which is a better sensation.

So not a lot to report really. We are still estimating we should be there tomorrow evening ( subject to wind and boat but we could motor/sail now - have enough fuel to reach Barbados ) So fingers crossed just one more night of watches and then hopefully tomorrow night we shall sleep peacefully at anchorage. Dan and David I am sure will be more than pleased to have an unbroken nights sleep. Although I am not doing watches other than relieving Dan early in the morning until David wakes up my sleep is not uninterrupted either but I am not feeling sleep deprived as I think they are. We are all feeling quite stiff especially the men.

The 211 nm. to run is to the waypoint on the screen but to the anchorage around 240nm - we getting there.

As David so rightly says 'the show isn't over till the fat lady sings'