Plan B first 24 hours . 136nm. 26:04.12N 17:22.75W

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Sat 20 Dec 2014 13:09
Well the three of us David, Dan and Jos having been rolling around for 24 hrs ( does feel a bit like clothes must feel in a washing machine?) and are making progress. Alex and children flew back to UK Easy Jet yesterday lunchtime .Slowish start for us yesterday with fickle winds and at times none but overnight we having been doing 6-7 knots with the poled out Genoa. Beautiful starlit night. It started getting light around 7.00am today and there was a finger nail moon in the sky so as the passage goes on we should have more light at night and warmer. We are still having to wear wet weather gear overnight as a tad chilly!

Last night the men did the watches until I get my sea legs and confidence again. So my challenge is to keep them fed. Cooking in this rolly sea will need serious thinking about to ensure the food doesn't end up the floor. Even cutting the carrots without them rolling away was an exercise in itself!

24hr run of 136nm.

We hope to post a blog daily around lunchtime of our position and life at sea. Just the three of us together without Alex and the children still feels quite strange. However the ' rockin and a rollin' might well have tested Merryn's tummy a little too far very sadly. We miss their smiley faces and Alex very much so. I also think someone needs to invent non slip pads for sitting on - trouser bottoms are going to get well worn.

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Jocelyn Fawcett