Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 22 Sep 2017 19:07

Although we do not like being in marinas we were much in need of a peaceful night and this fitted the bill. David did well reversing the boat into a slot in the marina and once tied up and showered we took ourselves off into the town in search of a pharmacy as I really needed a nasal spray and cough medicine.

Mission accomplished and a walk around the town which we decided on our second visit we quite liked we then went back to a restaurant we'd been to before and unbelievably the head waiter recognised us. Are we that distinctive? Again the food and wine were just as good and although both extremely tired we did enjoy.

A very good nights sleep was had and after a good breakfast we headed out this time really into unknown waters towards Palermo.

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