The Grenadines

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 20 Jan 2015 11:13
Today we are heading out to explore island further south.

We have had several chilled out days here in Bequia - a place we all love - including a 2 night break in a hotel for David and I. Space for all of us but we will have to admit we sleep better on the boat - Mosquitos and a cockerel didn't help in the hotel but space and a good shower were appreciated.

We've had lots of swimming both around the boat and at several beaches we've visited including some snorkelling. Merryn at 4.5 yrs is amazing with her mask and snorkel that she got for Christmas she wears a float jacket - great little swimmer and just has taken to it. Hopefully we shall get to see some turtles down in Tobago Cays

Several days ago we all did a walk over to the other side Friendship Bay but the sea was quite rough so we walked back and found another beach Lower Bay. They are all very quiet and the water so warm and clear. Our other nearby bay Margaret Bay is lovely too and there is Jack's Bar here which David and I have now sampled twice - first for cocktails and then for supper.

Whilst we were on our own we did a tour of the island with a local - Sandra In a yellow Bakkie who was 4th generation form Scotland - her ancestors came out to the sugar plantations at the end of the 1800. Red hair and blue eyes. We learnt a lot that day about Bequia and its people and even the fact that EEC money had helped build the airport here.

Alex and co also visited the Turtle Sanctuary on the north of the island.

So back to the boat - the batteries have now been replaced ( it was debated as to whether replace them before we left UK) so that means we won't have to run the generator as much but now the water maker has a major problem which we are not sure can be sorted in the short term so yesterday we filled up with water and diesel from the bright yellow water and diesel taxi. Boat jobs do seem to be never ending and The Skipper getting just a little cheesed off with the continual maintenance and problems.

Re the boat it looks now as if we have a professional skipper and crew plus Oli and friend of his bringing the boat back in May. Thank you to all of you who responded or got other people to respond to our request. We did also seriously think about shipping it back but then Oliver would have missed out on his bit of the adventure.