Update from Mor Toad

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Wed 3 Jun 2015 17:23

26th May

Quiet morning. downloaded a grib..... Some very heavy weather coming up !!!! The quiet before the storm is very appropriate until. the wind went round to 90 degrees and the shackle that holds up the gib decided to fail. Lucky it happened now and in calm seas. We sent young blood up the mast luckily it was straight forward and provided some entertainment. few whales today. no dolphins yet.

27th May

Another day motoring, glassy calm, many many groups of dolphins, generally chasing tuna or other fish.We passed through a huge swarm of jellyfish for about 3 hours.


28th May

We have had the engine on for two days to get into a position to pick up the trade winds further north. Having the engine on gets very tedious.... turned it off and now its up to fate but good to have no engine sound. Only 1000nm to go now. The final leg starts..


29th May

Turned towards Spain to avoid big storm developing


30th May

sailing towards Spain


31st May 

Weather hits , generally below 30kts wind


1st June

Still windy and bumpy


2nd june

Getting closer to Cape Finistair . had to start motoring again. 


3rd June

Motorsailing. Keeping an eye on the weather to see what the plan is next. if we leave Spain after the 6th I am going to have to fly back to the UK, I’m running out of time but even if i fly back i will have crossed The Atlantic. Plan A’s very seldom happen in the large ocean crossings I'm learning. Fingers crossed we can have a quick turnaround in Spain and i can complete the journey which would be ideal.

Apparently there are 4 very smelly and slimmer blokes on the boat!!