Sanary sur Mer

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Sun 19 May 2019 16:11

We left the pontoon around 10.30 this morning still grey and wind blowing from the west which is not good news when heading west so motoring into very lumpy sea ( worse than expected) several boats sailing downwind lucky them . We were hoping to find anchorage and come here tomorrow but in the end abandoned the idea and came straight here though not sure whether we’d get a berth as days few visitors moorings. We couldn’t raise the Capitainerie - lunchtime Sunday and in fact a guy in the pontoon later said wasn’t even sure if he worked Sundays! 

Fortunately visitors berth ‘Aceuil’ just inside harbour entrance and we were able to go alongside with the aid of said gentleman above who was sat in the cockpit of a nearby boat having lunch. Still blowing a hooley into the cockpit and we have subsequently turned the boat round. 

After lunch which was much needed David did find the man in the office who said stay where you are no other berths. We suspect he had no one to help us reverse into a space as seem to be quite few berths empty adjacent to boats our size. That’s fine it’s nice being alongside. 

Sanary for me is a special spot as my parents bought us camping here a couple of times  in the very early 60’s when frame tents had just come into fashion. My father loved the heat of the Mediterranean summer my mother hated it and the long drive down France b4 motorways in August !! I remember it as fun inspite  of the quarrels in the back of the car between the three us!! 

So this afternoon we’ve had a little explore had an ice cream and looked st the boats bit of a festival going on with the local sailing boats decked out alongside the harbour and lots people meandering all well wrapped up. Tonight heading to Hotel de la Tour for dinner which again I can remember being taken to for ‘special end of holiday treat’ . D and I did come and stay there about 10 years ago it’s spruced up now. The town is one of faded elegance and look forward to a good explore tomorrow. Also guess what - no wi fi so could do perhaps with going to the local library to find maybe

Yesterday was spent exploring Toulon as ferry from the marina we we in so very convenient