Day 11 - Dan's Birthday and half way - 154nm

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 30 Dec 2014 13:08
17:28.34N 36:35.39W

Well we wanted wind and we gotta wind! We have been flying along overnight and sleeping has been very difficult. I likened the 'rockin and rollin' to how one would imagine being inside a washing machine - last night I believe it was being on a bucking bronco.

The forecast for the week is a Force 4 from the East with a bit of North in it with odd patches of stronger winds. Think we in one of those at present? Overnight we must have had 17-18 knots plus of wind so David and Dan took the the small cruising Shute down and the pole out of the Yankee and set the Yankee on the port side. Over the next few hours the wind got up to 30 knots ( just as well the cruising Shute was down!) and this morning at one point the boat speed hits 10.9 knots through the water. At present the sun is coming out and it seems to have calmed down a little. Overnight was very cloudy and hence dark for the latter half of the night once the moon had disappeared. No stars.

Today is Dan's birthday so we shall try and party? Suspect will be cold food all day.

It's just taken me nearly half an hour to peel a mango for breakfast trying to wedge myself and keep all bowls from flying! Very ripe and yummy. Only one left now until we reach the Caribbean.

We are making progress! We are only 12.00 nm. from half way point at 10.17am UCT as I write this so once we send the blog In a couple of hours we should be well past and on the downward stretch. Hurrah. David working on 11 down 9 to go. We shall see.

We've just had breakfast and Dan opened presents and the Yankee has been rolled in further as we have big seas and occasionally a wave breaks over the boat. Going to the toilet is a challenge but as the ever optimistic David pointed out ' at least you not having to take off the Olillies ' - true - it is warm and now the sun coming out the sea is returning to a glorious blue colour which with the white breakers and under them that wonderful icy blue/green it is quite stunning. Few more flying fish on the foredeck but no signs of any other wildlife.

My latest challenge just before sending this as it is slightly calmer was emptying the fridge and trying to clean off all the milk that had spilt in overnight from a bottle David was using and the top came off. Not surprising given the conditions. But quite a challenge being nearly upside down in a fridge with everything moving around. Every day you wonder what is there to do and there is always something!