Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 8 Sep 2014 17:39
We left Bayona in the dark 6.50 am Spanish time and motored out under an orange nearly full moon and stars. Quite magical though I was definitely still half asleep.

We knew southerly wind this morning so would be motoring and had hoped we'd get some N/NW this afternoon for a sail but it hasn't materialised. We did get a brief sail this morning when it was Easterly!! Now 6.30pm Portugese time so we back in sync UK time . Been at sea 13 hrs. A glorious evening and sea nearly glassy .

We've just had supper of Tuna Steaks, couscous and broccoli . David and I now off watch for 3 hrs - should be a calm smooth night with a good moon.

We've just past Porto

Today's scenery been very uninspiring just development along the Coast, the odd fishing vessel , couple of tankers, a lot of pots out which at times take some seeing and one offshore windmill (sorry Alex couldn't think what to call one - it's hardly a farm) and that was doing very little in a southerly wind that has become fairly non existent.

Tomorrow evening all being well we shall be in the marina at Cascais at the entrance to Rio Taja. From here apparently one can get a train into Lisbon.