Post Rally - Heading to Ibiza - 6th October

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 5 Nov 2019 11:54
After an excellent final social event on the Friday night Saturday was spent sorting things out and revictualling the boat and taking the crew out for dinner. The crew Mike and Hamish left at crack of dawn on Sunday 6th Richard had left on Saturday. It had always been our intention to try and get to Ibiza and circumnavigate the third island in the Balearics having done Majorca and Minorca early on when we had just bought Moy Toad and had her refitted out here in 2016.

So we were off the pontoon at 9.50 went to the fuel berth and then headed out to anchor in Cai des Falcon but it turned out to be only tenable for lunch so we headed back to Magaluf and put the anchor down and had a peaceful afternoon (relative as it’s bay full of jet skis and motorboats but alright once very one gone home) and evening and no doubt a swim - water temperature still 23plus so very pleasant for swimming.

The plan is to head off early to do the crossing to Ibiza -about 8 hours.

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