San Vito and Monte Monaco

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 9 Jun 2017 07:47
After the family left on Tuesday we did a few jobs and then motored out of Trapani to head for the north west corner of Sicily San Vito La Capo. We had a good sail for a couple of hours and then came into the marina here. A beautiful spot with views to the mountains , beach and turquoise waters and not too busy in the marina . It's another story on the beach which is just row upon row of umbrellas and chairs and a lot of people. The town itself is not unattractive but again definitely a holiday destination full of restaurants, Gelateria and shops and stalls selling all that is needed for a holiday.

We were pretty tired so spent the first day catching up with all the washing, quick visit to the supermarket and generally doing very little.

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Yesterday was a different story there was a hill to be climbed. We'd watched it from the boat turning different colours as the sun went round - pictures to follow and we needed the exercise . We'd managed to get some information from the tourist office and between that and the web worked out how to climb up Monte Monaco. (528m)

We set off about 8.30am and it was a 2 mile walk out of the village along roads but well signposted and we eventually found where the track started. Very very stony path all the way but not difficult and in places quite overgrown ( tried not to think too hard as to what might be lurking there) . After an hour and half made it to the summit. Spectacular views back towards Trapani, out to the Egadi Islands and south and east across the bay here toward Palermo and the coast going east. Definitely worth the climb. Going down we decided to make it a circular route so took the path down towards a Cala on the east side of this promontory - not overgrown, long stretches of very stony path going down hill and getting hot. Having tried to stay upright on the path as our feet kept slipping on the very dry sand and pebbles we made the road but couldn't find the path along the sea so had to walk back down the road - 3 miles back to the town and by that time very hot. That bit wasn't fun - fortunately we had plenty of water and provisions so stopped half way under the bit of shade we could find to gain the energy to walk the last bit. Good view of the other side of the mountain a steep drop.

At last we arrived back at the start of the beach to a welcome beer and then David went in the sea and I paddled. We walked back along the beach past the many bodies of many shades and attire and at the end found a Gelateria! After that not far back to the boat for several cups of tea, a shower and a snooze. A good number of steps nearly 3 days worth - we walked about 11 miles and felt we had had plenty of exercise.

Just about gathered enough energy to walk back into town for supper.

Today we are heading out of the marina southwards down the peninsula to what is said to be a beautiful anchorage and a good spot for a swim - jelly fish permitting . We shall most probably stay there a couple of nights and perhaps even get another walk as the whole area is Riserva Naturale Zingaro.

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