Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 17 Apr 2015 11:15

18:12.03N 63:05.69W

A very good and pleasant sail downwind from where we were anchored last night Ile Fouchere St Barts along the west side of St Martin 7.5 knots in pretty flat seas for a couple of hours and then an hours beat across to Anguilla to the west end of the island and then an hours motor along the north side of Anguilla to Road Bay where we are now anchored. It is just amazing how different the islands are and from the volcanic scenery of last night we are now anchored in a bay on a very flat coral island.

We had decided to bypass St Martin a while ago as firstly we don't really have time to visit and Alex had flown there on her way from BVI to Barbados in January and had said it was built up with high rise and indeed as we sailed past that was the impression it gave. Mountainous but pretty built up along the coast we sailed passed so we don't regret our decision.

Road Bay is where we had to sign in and from here we shall spend a couple of days exploring before we head to the BVI. Much to our surprise we didn't have to pay anything to arrive here unlike elsewhere in the The Caribbean but If we want to cruise to some of the very small islands or other bays we have to pay some figure that we are not sure of, which is most bizarre as Doyle - the bible for cruisers and the paper we have been given don't tally. No doubt we shall find out.

The bay we are in has a long curved sandy beach with very fine white sand and a number of beach bars also a number of wrecks too at one end and the other end a number of local fishing boats.