Friday - Sesimbra

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 12 Sep 2014 20:20

Having had a morning cleaning the boat and generally sorting ourselves out we left Cascais at noon. A sea mist had come in after a beautiful start to the day but this did eventually clear. However once out of the Marina there was quite a big swell which led to a bumpy ride. Sailing was tried on several occasions throughout the relatively short hop but wind southerly again and not that strong and it kept dying so thank goodness for the engine.

Again we past some good rocky coast and especially Cabo Espichel where the bedding planes on the cliffs were diagonal and then round the other side lots of caves. Yet again another lighthouse plus other buildings perched on top of this high cliff.

The trip today was 25 miles about 5 hrs. We are in a small marina by the fishing port and the town is across the bay the other side . The old town is surrounded by lots of ugly flats all the way up the hillside. Great shame but a holiday/weekend destination for People from Lisbon.

Tomorrow we shall head south about 30 miles to Sines and then a long day on Sunday round to Lagos. After that the weather not looking at all good for about a week. So looks like we might be stuck for a while. Tonight we met a boat with 4 men on it from Falmouth. They too have the same plan and have also been frustrated by the lack of and wrong direction of the wind. Likewise the people we met in Cascais Marina. Everyone is waiting for the best window to cross to The Canaries which looks a while away yet.