Time in Barbados

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 13 Jan 2015 15:36
It's now Tuesday and we have all been together since last Thursday and we all slowly readjusting to being back together again and us from the crossing. We getting there with both and the children have taken to being back on the boat quite happily and playing Lego in the cockpit is a great activity and they are enjoying spending time on the beach and in the water.

We are still on this anchorage in Carlisle Bay near Bridgetown but quite rolly. Lovely warm turquoise blue water and we have a had a turtle swim past and more amazingly horses get brought down to the beach and then the horses go for a swim with the riders pulling them and they go quite a long way out too.

There are several boats anchored here. A German but he's now left and gone down to Trinidad to leave the boat as he scared himself coming across and not sure wants to carry on, a couple of English boats with single handers on. One bloke has done the crossing 5 times before but apparently not for a while but now got rid of two wives and decided to try again and thinks crew hassle! We have also met an American couple - a history professor on sabbatical and they just sailed the boat down form New Hampshire and are having several months cruising the area but it was useful to talk to them as they know the area well. There is even a super yacht that turned up yesterday here that apparently belongs to The Prime Minister of Quatar.

We have done a little exploring using the buses at 2 Barbados Dollars per adult - quite an experience. The first one we went on I think the driver was late it was hairy especially as raining and yesterday we were on what is called The Reggae Bus apparently - small bright yellow bus that just stops along the road to pick people up and cram them in with lots music blaring. So we have been up the East Coast to Cave Bay where there are limestone cliffs and then yesterday the west coast firstly to The Mount Gay Rum Distillery and then we took a taxi up the coast past all the posh hotels to Folkstone Park - a marine reserve. Attractive little sandy bays and those that snorkelled saw quite a few coloured fish. However the heavens opened on us yet again so a lot of soggy people on the bus home. Unbelievably I got very cold but we were fortunate as meeting friends staying at The Hilton and I was able to have a hot shower before we went for dinner.

Today we are trying to get more boat jobs done like revictualling, Alex and co have gone off to find gas as we intend to leave tomorrow and head overnight to Bequai in The Grenadines. David has to go back to the Main Harbour sometime before we leave to check us out of The Island and we have no idea how long that will take we also need to get fuel before we set sail.

The stay sail is now back in action having sorted out why it was jamming. There was a problem with the new generator again during the latter part of the voyage with the exhaust light showing red, concerning but it was working. It's thought to have been a loose connection. The other concern had been the batteries which we think are tired - one was replaced before we left. David has now managed to buy a new engine battery which needs to be fitted. The water maker has been serviced and we've now bought a padlock and wire so we can lock the dinghy when we leave it ashore to be safe. Just trying to find the places to acquire these things has been a challenge so it's not been all lying on the beach drinking cocktails or G and T in fact - very little of that so far.

We haven't seen a lot of Barbados but this anchorage is not easy, the cafe on the beach charges US$20 per person every time you want to use their jetty and there is some swell so we have taken to D and I going in with the children and then Alex and Dan swimming ashore. There has been too much surf to land on the beach. You can redeem the money for food and drink which we have done once but now we are just buying beer in bottles to bring back to the boat.

It obviously all going to take some getting used to and we are sure all the islands are very different and access, unless one is in a Marina is not easy but I am sure we shall get there with time.

There is also a change to the overall Plan - Dan has decided he does not want to bring the boat back across the Atlantic - the return trip as it will take another 3 weeks away from the family and their family adventure so if anyone knows of a DELIVERY SKIPPER who might be interested ( leaving in the first half of May from The BVI please get in touch AS SOON AS POSSIBLE as our son Oliver is still very keen to do the crossing back.

I shall try and keep sending the Blog twice a week maybe more if time allows and I will try and get into some routine so please let people know it hasn't just stopped now we are across. I've had lots of requests for it to continue so thank you.