Martinique Sunday 14th

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Tue 17 Feb 2015 22:35
Yesterday we had a long dinghy ride up to Marin at the head of the inlet - a yacht haven and apparently some good chandleries as needless to say more bits were needed as we had a problem with the outboard. We also needed the next Doyle Guide for the Leeward Islands. A general walk around was had by all, lunch and then back to the yacht in Sainte Anne. Alex and Dan went ashore in the evening for a drink and a crepe for Valentines Day . After spending 3 nights in Sainte Anne we had a good sail northwards although quite rolly first stopping in a small bay Anse Noire for lunch and a snorkel. Very small bay with black sand surrounded by wooded hills and cliffs. Quite windy and we weren't sure about the anchorage especially with other boats coming in too close but after lunch it seemed settled so we went snorkelling - quite a bit of coral and fish. HG saw a turtle and I saw a sea snake however there must have been small jelly fish in the water which weren't visible but we all kept getting stung not badly but noticeable.

We finally anchored in place called Trois Inlet - Doyle Guide said it was a pretty village and it was also possible to get the ferry from there to Fort de France. We managed to run aground fortunately in mud and thankfully got off again just using the engine so very gingerly entered one of the anchorages. As we approached we could hear drums beating. We weren't at all sure about the anchorage as there didn't seem to be any other visiting yachts there but at one end there was manicured grass which we discovered was a golf course. Alex and co went ashore and came back telling us there was a carnival going on with people dressed in luminescent clothes. The drum beating went on all night until sunrise! David and I went in early the following morning and the place was deserted though we did manage to get Baguette and Pain au chocolat. We decided that we wouldn't stay another night and would go instead to Fort de France and anchor there and what we had also discovered that it was basically carnival for 4 days including Mardi Gras.

So yesterday Monday it was pretty obvious that little was open and everything stopped for The Carnival. So we spent the afternoon joining in having purchased Merryn a pink tutu at one of the many stall selling Carnival Wear. There was a children's parade at one end of town and we walked with the parade Merryn joining in and trying to copy some of the dancing. She did really well and concentrated so hard to follow the steps and really enjoyed herself. After that we watched the main section of the parade through part of town. The same drumming continued and we could hear it from the boat. David and I went back into town for the evening for dinner in one of the hotels and town was thronging and people still marching, drumming, hooting and revving their motorbike or car engine and dressed in all sorts of attire. Basically making as much noise as they could and definitely having fun. Thankfully it did not continue all night.