Day 3 - 143nm

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Mon 22 Dec 2014 13:01

23:06.42N 21:50.35W

Yesterday afternoon we actually stopped 'rockin and rollin' for a while. I did the watch 2-5pm ( the men have decided for the time being they will carry on doing night watches) so it was their chance to catch up on sleep. It was remarkably pleasant and a little surreal as I listened to some Desert Island Disc podcast I had downloaded - David Attenborough, Biddy Baxter and a few more. However we rocked and rolled again overnight which made sleeping difficult and this morning even the fairy liquid bottle was full of bubbles!

A morning of activity!

So far this morning the Genoa has been poled out the other side, major discussions have been had on the weather forecasts that have been sent in by Alex and we are now travelling slightly more west in order to try and escape the lightest of the winds that we believe are further south. This afternoon they are going to try and set up the new down wind sail on the furling system that the cruising shute normally lives on so if we have twin headsails out they can both be furled easily.

As they were sorting the Genoa this morning they furled the stay sail (Dan has been keeping the stay sail sheeted hard in to try and reduce the roll) and whilst resetting this it declined to unfurl and had to be lowered to the deck and the upper swivel lubricated which appears to have resolved this problem.

Other activity this morning Dan realised when turning the generator on that the starter battery was low and after investigation they concluded that the 240 v charger running from the generator only charges the starter battery when the link between the house bank and the starter battery is in the 'on' position. This is normally kept off ( if Rustler read this blog and have any comment on this please send a brief email to our mailasail address). Opening the link whilst charging batteries seems to have resolved the problem . Well spotted Dan.

Ok enough of the technical issues- what else?

First wildlife spot yesterday afternoon one loan sea bird circled us a couple of times. Not identified and we have forgotten to put the bird book onboard!

Swept a lot of Rice Crispies out of the cockpit - a reminder of the rest of the crew . We miss you all but Merryn and Sam - the boat is really wobbly ;-)

Yesterday evening whilst I was. trying to cook rice in the microwave - a definite no no when rolling around as I sent water everywhere and it spilled over an electrical socket! David realised generator not charging - a moment of great disconcertion after our previous generator problems but it turned out the water had tripped the breakers - so panic over and the rice got cooked on the stove - which I don't normally do unlike most people however we did finally have a nice Thai Green curry courtesy of a jar for supper.

Stars at night time as no moon are very impressive and the very very odd aeroplane seen, shooting stars and the odd meteor shower and a satellite . David on his watch from 1-4 usually downloads mailasail and Grib files so it's nice to read these messages and for me to see them first thing.

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