Day14 - 162nm - 848nm to run:-)

Mor Toad / Moy Toad
David and Jocelyn Fawcett
Fri 2 Jan 2015 13:02
16:14.50N 44:58.80W

Yesterday afternoon was quite beautiful - we had clear blue skies ( after several cloudy days - ok not like dull winters day in the UK) - the waves were not too rolly and Dan and I spent the afternoon on deck each listening to music. I'm still going through my podcasts of Desert Island Discs - Bear Grhylls, Ray Mears which have both been fascinating to listen to, especially being where we are, plus several other interesting ones too. I'm also slowly getting through the music son Ollie gave me - a real mixture - some I might not listen to again but fair amount I will and it's a musical education. Thanks Ol.

We had a lovely sunset too - the first for a while. Overnight was pretty rolly and when I got up at 6 am. this morning very very rolly as the wind had died but not for long as big black clouds around and every time we got under one of those the wind picked up and away we went so just as well we hadn't put up more sail. This presumably is what is referred to as Squalls but not that bad or much rain really. The sun is now up and everything seems to have calmed down a bit (actually it hasn't ) and we doing 6.5 to 7.5 knots. It's just amazing how both the sea state and wind are so variable from one minute to the next.

The miles are coming down and as I write David just calculated we shall have about 850nm. to run when this gets sent. Yesterday afternoon we did start talking about Barbados, where we need to go etc . The sunshine definitely helped our positivity - had been a bit down the previous 2 cloudy days! Dan spoke to Alex yesterday evening and they were still on the beach. Obviously having a good time though getting bitten by Mosquitos! We now trying to estimate when we shall arrive ? next Wednesday evening as she needs to decide whether to change her flight.

Overnight Dan could see the light of what he thought was another yacht on our stardboard side but no response when he tried calling it on the radio and David just tried again and no response either . We've tried looking through the binoculars but sea and boat just too rolly. We'll keep looking. Quite nice to think someone else out there.

Minor incident yesterday afternoon the clip ( which had been taped ) at the end of the guy onto the Yankee came lose - after 4 days the tape had obviously worn out. So re attached and re taped. I was downstairs when this happened - quite a loud noise!

So on we sail - another day - water temperature 30.6 ( will I ever manage to swim in The Percuil again?) the clouds have disappeared and hopefully the speed will keep up. We've only got 3 more episodes of Slocum's journey left - he's now in St Helena. Think I will read the book now because some of his descriptions are so lovely and one can relate to them but maybe it won't seem quite the same when not at sea.